An Economic Development Opportunity for Prince William County

In November 2022, the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors (PWC) adopted a Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) that provides a long-term vision and policy framework for the construction and operation of data centers on approximately 2,140 acres of land located along Pageland Lane immediately adjacent to existing high-voltage electric transmission lines. Data centers are the physical buildings built to house racks of computer servers supporting internet applications used across the world on a daily basis to perform activities such as email, on-line ordering and gaming. This initiative was the result of 18 months of rigorous analysis and community engagement and, once implemented, will provide PWC with significant and sustainable tax income to fund important community priorities.

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Vision & Purpose

In furtherance of the vision established by PWC, Compass Datacenters recently submitted zoning applications to permit construction and operation of data centers on approximately 884 acres of land in the Pageland Lane corridor. This project is called Compass Datacenters Prince William County Campus I. Compass has carefully planned its application to reflect specific guidelines established by the County.  We considered the identification and preservation of historically significant cultural resources, set aside significant portions of the site as open space, addressed the visibility of data centers from the Manassas National Battlefield Park and surrounding communities, and promoted public access to the site and the movement of wildlife through the area. We have also taken steps to limit noise, improve watershed impacts from storm runoff and improve traffic circulation.  

Going forward, the Compass application will undergo a months-long review by the County and other governmental agencies. At the conclusion of this review process, the County will hold two different public hearings on Compass’ proposal: one before the County’s Planning Commission and a second before the Board of County Supervisors. Only after the application has been finally approved by the Board of County Supervisors can Compass move forward with the actual construction of any data center buildings.  

The purpose of this site is to provide residents of the County and other interested parties with up-to-date information about the status of Compass’ zoning application, as well as provide transparency throughout the review of this proposal. It will be updated periodically as new information becomes available. We encourage you to check back frequently to stay informed of our progress.

Who We Are

Compass Datacenters is headquarted in Dallas, Texas. The management team at Compass Datacenters has constructed over $5 billion in data centers for some of the largest companies in the world, including campus locations in Dallas, Phoenix, Virginia, Toronto, Montreal and Israel.

Since our inception in 2011, we have focused on designing and constructing data centers that minimize impacts to and  preserve precious natural resources, such as water, while also eliminating excess materials waste, and integrating our projects with the surrounding areas and communities. All of our facilities are built using local contractors and subcontractors. We are also firmly committed to changing the face of the data center construction industry, as evidenced by 100% of our U.S. based on-site construction managers being women, a commitment we will carry forward to the Prince William County I campus.

Our Corporate Culture

Our four core convictions define the values Compass has been built upon and guide every facet of the way we operate our business and work with the communities where our facilities are built.

Humility In, Pride Out

Our Actions & Words Are One

Continuous Improvement

We Ask Why

The Facts Regarding our Proposal

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